Designed for the whole family, Merry Christmas Party combines holiday trivia, jokes and Christmassy pictures into an energetic and competitive 4-player party game on a single iPad. Featuring Santa, reindeer, eggnog and even elves the multiplayer game generates a festive atmosphere for Christmas season. Kids, friends and family can expect a jolly Christmas experience while playing.

Suited for 6 to 12 year old eager boys and girls, Merry Christmas Party is a one of a kind multi-player app on the iTunes store. 4 players sit around an iPad in a race to match Christmas things or answer jokes and trivia that appear to 4 choices. The first player to win 3 rounds is declared the champion.

The party game includes jolly music and holds approximately 100 questions and images centered around Christmas. Merry Christmas Party app provides a fun opportunity for families seeking a fun and educational slant to Christmas. An added reason to celebrate is that youngsters are enjoying reading and playing together.

The app has been designed specifically to give kids an opportunity to interact with each other while using tech rather than be absorbed by it. “There are relatively few apps that give children the opportunity to come together in play on a single iPad. We’re really happy to introduce a wonderful way for families and friends to come together using the iPad.

  • Up to 4 players can play using one iPad to be Christmas champion
  • Tests knowledge on everything Christmas related (trivia, jokes and drawings)
  • For use by kids aged 6-12
  • Users can add their own pictures and questions to the game
  • Freely downloadable Christmas prints consisting of word-finds, matching and crosswords based on game content can be found on developer’s website.

Keeping the app in line with INKid’s mission to bring children together while learning, freely downloadable prints supporting the game’s content include crosswords, matching and word-finds. These can be found here. The app is also one of the few that pioneers the concept that users can build their own games. Merry Christmas Party comes integrated with a question maker where users  can design and tailor their own quizzes and questions to challenge  friends and family. Users can easily send their games via email, or create and share content via

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