INKids publishes a range of award winning apps used in schools all over the world. Our iPad apps provide tools to help teachers build and share game content that students love playing. Our Free Cloud Service also allows teachers to share games with multiple iPads and classes using a simple class code.

Our math games are designed to help strengthen mathematical standards for elementary and middle school students and include thousands of questions mapped to Common Core State Curriculum Standards. Students can build on their skills with our personalized learning environment and even take on the world by competing in each Grade’s Leaderboard.

Futaba Home Edition uses the same game sets as our award-winning Futaba Classroom Games, but you can play it on your iPhone, vs our Futaba AI, or vs a friend. It’s a great way for kids to learn using Futaba at home as well as in school! Read more here!

Futaba Classroom Games for Kids

Are you a teacher looking to promote good fun academic competition in your classroom? Turn your iPad into a small smart table with this brilliant classroom game for up to four players. Futaba is an addictive and fun iPad app designed for K-5 classrooms to support all types of learning activities.
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School PA System

Looking to replace, automate or improve your existing school bells, tone generator or school public address system? School PA System provides a simple way to schedule school bells, announcements and other public address messages directly from an iPad, iPod or iPhone.
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Math Champ Challenge

Math is math and fun is fun, and never the twain shall meet. But that isn’t the case with Math Champ Challenge (Common Core Standards). It is designed to help strengthen understanding of Common Core mathematical standards for middle school students (grades 4-7), while also letting them have fun.
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Math Champ (Classroom Quiz)

An exciting classroom quiz gaming concept that allows any iOS device to become a game controller. In a battle of the brains, each player contests to become the class “Math Champ”.
Shortlisted in Desire2Learn’s “Build Something that Matters” competition, Math Champ is loads of fun for kids of all ages – teachers can also access valuable student metrics in the class list area – Take the tour to find out more!
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Buzz Monster!

Buzz Monster is a multiplayer game that allows up to 3 children to learn with a single iPad. Players take turns picking questions from the various categories available (or you can add your own!). After the question is shown, the first player to “Buzz” in has the opportunity to answer the question. It’s just like a television quiz game… for kids! And they learn while they are playing!
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Ultimate Flashcards Maker

Ultimate Flashcards Maker lets you create beautiful looking interactive flashcards at the touch of a button. Add your own photos, images from the web, and text using the flashcard wizard – you can even record your own words or add videos from popular video sites. Making great looking flash cards that children will enjoy using has never been easier!
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Listen Up! Read Up!

We designed Listen Up! Read Up! to start you on your journey towards English fluency. Just like when you first learned your native language, the key to English is listening, so the fifteen stories in this collection are all recorded twice, once at native speed, and once at a slower speed to make sure you can clearly hear every word. Read more here!

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