Looking for a great kids iPad application that’s both fun and educational? Flashcards for iPad, a beautifully designed, technically superb and fun educational app that will entertain your little ones for hours on end.Take a look at this live demo of the app which outlines just some of the features:

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Just some of our customer testimonials:

Very good – ★★★★

Initially I was skeptical but I decided to purchase this app as all the free ones were simply awful. The proof here is you get what you pay for. A very varied app with so many features you can’t possibly fault it. My biggest issue with these types of app are the pronunciations. But this app lets you record your own for every sound if you are not happy with the defaults. Very much worth every penny of the asking price, my daughter loves this app, when you consider you can add on additional languages, it’s an absolute no-brainer.

Amazing ★★★★★

My 3 year old loves this game. It’s easy to use, and the voices are very clear, well worth buying the full app for added content.

Great app – ★★★★

I work with students who are hard of hearing. This app is great for the various listening activities that I do.

Very good quality – ★★★★

My kids love this app…

Great kids app – ★★★★★

This was a lifesaver on a 10 hr road trip with an 18 month old. He loved the animations, could flip pages on his own, and really picked up a lot of new vocabulary words which was amazing to see. Great app, started out w the free version, but upgraded to the full, worth $4 for sure.

Fantastic for my 2 year-old – ★★★★★

This app is very well done, with excellent graphics, sounds, and features. The user interface is great for my 2 year-old – with a little help he was soon navigating from card to card, and even accessing different sections, on his own. I look forward to adding the Spanish pack, and to helping him with the included games. Overall the is the very best app I’ve found for a 2 year-old – and I’ve tried far too many of them!

great app! – ★★★★★

Nice!… Audio and everything… My son loves it!

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