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Math Champ Challenge (Common Core Standards) is the latest educational game from award winning INKids Education. It is designed to help strengthen understanding of Common Core mathematical standards for middle school students (grades 4-7).

Math Champ Challenge includes 2,500+ questions mapped to Common Core State Standards

  • 2500+ questions aligned to Common Core State Standards
  • A skill building featuring a Personal Learning Environment (Adaptive Engine)
  • Fast paced game play
  • Engaging graphics and audio
  • Valuable feedback tools to help identify problem areas
  • Practice suggestions for students at the end of each level
  • Game Center Integration and achievements (compete with players all over the world!)
  • Local achievements and player profiles
  • Universal design (iPhone / iPad compatible)

Game Center

In Math Champ Challenge, players can compete locally (on the same device) or by using Game Center to compete with players all over the world (If your school doesn’t allow GC access, scores for individual players can still be record on the same iPad).

Math Champ Challenge is the only math game of it’s kind – each player’s performance is recorded across all Common Core Standards, allowing players to earn achievements and badges for each Domain “Cluster” meaning that it can used as valuable assessment tool in the classroom, or at home as a fun way to practice for exams.

Game Center badges are directly aligned with CCSSI Domains and are awarded at the end of each grade (when all levels have been completed). Badges are awarded when a player has demonstrated better than 90% accuracy across all difficulty levels, and various other achievements can be earned during play. Badges, Achievements and other Game Center rewards, means that Math Champ Challenge will engage all types of students.

Skill Builder

Students are able to practice and build skills in a non-game version of Math Champ Challenge. Players can select specific subject areas (aligned with each Common Core Domain) and work through questions at their own pace . The skill builder allows students to answer both open ended and multiple choice (self-marking) questions while also gathering Experiences points (XP).

The skill builder provides a PLE (Personal Learning Environment) to help students build confidence as they strengthen their understandings of mathematical subjects. The adaptive engine will move advanced students towards mastery, while students who might be struggling with particular areas will be served less challenging questions. This brilliant feature means that all students can work at their own pace (also allowing parents or teachers to provide instructional support where required).

Learning Support

Math Champ Challenge provides valuable feedback for math teachers and parents and is designed to engage and encourage students as they have fun while learning everything from fractions to geometry and arithmetic. We suggest using Math Champ Challenge as tool to enrich traditional lessons. It can be used effectively alongside other, apps and instructional resources like the Khan Academy.

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